The Kent & South East London Dog Training Company

Telephone:  07766 562165


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Price and Support Plan


  • We are a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.

  • We supply FREE lifelong written and telephone aftercare support.

  • We only use RSPCA approved professionally equipped vehicles.

  • We are fully insured with Protectivity Insurance.

  • We only use positive reward techniques.

Dog Training One 2 One home visits last for three hours, this includes two hours training and hour three writing your support guides from my kennels. The information and techniques we cover on the day will depend on your individual dog and the behavioural issues to be modified.



Why choose The south East London Dog Training Company?

Our price: £150

  • Diagnosis through observation and subtle tests.

  • Deciding the most effective ways to help you solve your dog’s behaviour problems.

  • Working with your dog to show you how to positively train and recify any issues.

  • Teaching you effective ways to interact with your dog and providing you with: dog psychology education, tailored hands-on techniques and pack leadership training.

Your dog training home visit will include:

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