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My name is Nigel Marshall MBIPDT.  I am a police trained dog instructor, dog behaviourist and dog trainer and have been involved in the working and training of dogs for over twenty years.  I am a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (Registered No. M/133/09) and hold a wealth of experience in the pet dog-training environment.  

Over the years I have helped some wonderful dog owners with their pets and was encouraged to supply a more structured service.  The majority of these owners requested "simple but effective dog training" which I enjoy delivering the most.  

In 1994 I joined the police service with a goal of joining the dog section.   I have worked and trained several award-winning police dogs for general patrol duties, the detection of drugs, weapons and cash and specialist firearm support roles.  I have been involved in the training of gift dogs and police bred puppies and worked with numerous charities. I have won the police dog working trials in 2008 / 2015 and been interviewed on TV and radio supporting dog owners.


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