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Dog Training Services in Kent and South East London

Let us help your dog be the best dog they can be. We offer professional dog training services in Kent and South East London, including home visits and consultations. We have a range of services available, from basic obedience training to addressing more complex behavioural issues. Some of the areas we cover include Bromley, Bexley, Gravesend, Dartford,  Bexley Heath, Welling, Sidcup, Eltham, Crayford, Erith, Belvedere, Maidstone, Chatham, Gillingham, Sittingbourne and Rochester.


Dogs are incredibly intelligent, adaptable animals that have their own personalities and quirks. Each dog, therefore, responds differently to their environment -- Sometimes, they may try to do things their way, which may lead to some problematic situations. It is possible for negative behaviour to develop, which may include:


•    The need for general dog training and basic commands

•    Territorial issues such as soiling and marking

•    Separation anxiety and other fearful behaviour

•    Over-excitement, excessive barking and jumping

•    Digging, chewing and other destructive behaviour

•    Aggressive behaviour such as nipping and biting

•    Pulling on the leash

•    Failing to recall


As a responsible dog owner, it is important that you acknowledge these negative behaviour and understand how to curb them. As experienced dog instructors and behaviourists, we can help you address these issues for a happier, well-adjusted dog.


Positive Reinforcement

All of our methods use a positive reward system to guide your dog towards the right actions and responses. Thanks to our background in police dog training, we have an in-depth understanding of dog psychology and what methods truly work.


First, we will assess your dog's day-to-day living environment and identify any external issues that may be contributing to your dog's unwanted behaviours. Then, we will formulate a positive training plan that will instil discipline and good behaviour.


We will provide a full written training report within 24 hours of your dog training home visit to assist you in training your beloved canine family member.


Dog owners are welcome to keep in touch with us and receive free written and telephone aftercare support that will last for your dog's whole life.


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