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Dog training:  Dog training assistance for LIFE as per our Price and Support plan - £150

Within twenty-four hours of your dog training home visit you will receive a full written training report and further guides to assist you and your family with your new K9 family member.  Dog owners are very welcome to keep in regular contact with me and I provide FREE written and telephone after care support which lasts for the whole life of your dog!

  • The need for general dog training and basic commands.

  • Territorial issues including soiling and marketing.

  • Fearful behaviour and separation anxiety.

  • Over excitement, digging and chewing.

  • Excessive dog barking and jumping.

  • Aggressive dog behaviour.

  • Pulling on the leash.

  • Nipping and biting.

  • Failing to recall.

This is why assessing and training your dog in its day-to-day living environment is essential. During our initial consultation, we will review and identify any external issues that may affect your dog’s behaviours before establishing and guiding towards the right actions and responses in all aspects of owner-dog communication, behaviour and boundaries.  All methods used are proven positive reward based training solutions.

These behaviours may include:

Like many people, dogs have distinct personalities and respond accordingly to the environment in which they’re living in. When the negative behaviours develop and aren’t acknowledged or addressed, those traits can affect the bond between you and your dog, and cause further stress and anxiety in and out of the home.