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Dog Training in Sidcup

Here at the Kent and South East London Dog Training Company we are an impassioned team of police trained dog behavioural therapists, we’re not just dog trainers!  We aim to modify dog behaviour rather than simply train obedience.


Over the years we have been able to assist many of the loving dog owners in the Sidcup area teach these owners to take into account that dogs are pack animals and learn from each other through a system of communication based on a leadership hierarchy.


In nature, the natural born leaders with the strongest skills educate the pack. In a domestic environment,

it becomes the human’s responsibility to provide this teaching. However, many dog owners

submit to the temptation to humanise (anthromorphise) their relationship with

their pet and that’s where behavioural problems begin. Dogs start misinterpreting

well-intended signals as indecisiveness, become stressed and before long

they have become the masters of the house.


Whether it is from puppy training classes to dog aggression by being a

dog behaviourist and dog trainer I can help you to understand your pet and achieve a happy, obedient and well balanced dog in and outside of your home.  


The way dogs learn from each other are the ways we use to train them. Dogs don’t use pain or fear to communicate with each other and neither does any member of our professional dog training and dog behaviourist team . Generally speaking, dogs learn from conditioning, inference and imitation. We take advantage of these dog-friendly learning processes and use techniques that engage the dog’s natural intellectual capabilities without resorting to force or pain.  


We have been introduced to many new dog training clients who have been supplied our details via people they have met out in the local park and Sidcup town.  All of our trainers are passionate about dogs and only use positve reward dog training methods.


All of our dog training team welcome the chance to help owners who have so kindly rehomed a rescue dog and regularly work with dogs from the RSPCA, Battersea Dogs Home, Last Chance, Dogs Trust and Foal Farm animal rescue shelters.  


No matter the breed, age, obedience objective or behaviour issue, we can help! Nigel Marshall MBIPDT and his acredited team of certified and veterinary-recommended trainers and behaviour consultants have proven experience and education in: consulting for aggression, fear and anxiety; puppy development; and basic & advanced obedience training. We provide specialist at home training for dogs - and owners too.


The best way to contact us is intitially via our email

service as the majority of the day we are busy training

dogs all over Kent and the South East of London.


Please use our email form and incude in the message

box the type dog training assistance or dog behaviour

modification you require with your dog or puppy.








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