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Dog Training in Gravesend

Dog training in Gravesend is alway a pleasure for me due to the diverse community and amount of dog training parks you have on your doorstep for us to utilise during your puppy training starter visit or dog training behavioural consultation.

In your dog training One 2 One home visit I will assess your dogs behaviour within the home environment and then spend time with you outside in the garden and then in the local streets and local parks.


I regulary suggest a trip to Jeskyns Park to make good use of there enclosed dog training exercise paddock or some refreshing dog training time in the full enclosed dog training paddock in a safe and controlled manner.

By already living in Gravesend environmentally most dogs are already confident and sound in their

nature due to being brought up around traffic, schools and busy areas with dense population.


Many owners simply need advice on how to raise their puppy without the fear

of growing up anxious around traffic or aggressive towards strangers,

owners of older dogs who have been so kind to rescue a puppy or dog

or whose dog has simply become a litte too high up in the pack can

make good use of our safe positive reward behavioural programme

which could include pack leadership skills, general dog training, confidence building, recall training and pulling on the lead.


Recall advice and practical scenarios generally form part of our Gravesend dog training sessions as so many owners for the right reasons as a little afraid to allow their dogs free running exercise.  Here at the Kent and South East London Dog Training Company we make take good advantage of the following rewards to safely return your dog - praise, toys and treats.  


Within the any dog training the food chosen must be worth working for and appropriate to the level of task you are working on with the dog. If you dog receives dried food every day as their meal, that same food may not cut it as a reward for say re-calling from distractions.  Here we would need to be offer something of “higher value” and during the visit we can establish your puppies or dogs reward without the need to over feed!


We are veterinary recommended, fully insured and treat all dogs and puppies as if they were our own.  Safety is always paramount and everything we achieve on the day with your dog is documented and sent to you within twenty-four hours of leaving your home.


The best way to contact us is intitially via our email

service as the majority of the day we are busy training

dogs all over Kent and the South East of London.


Please use our email form and incude in the message

box the type dog training assistance or dog behaviour

modification you require with your dog or puppy.



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