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Dog Training in Dartford

Your dog is an important member of your family. Dogs are intelligent, adaptable and loving animals, but may sometimes display behaviour that is less than desirable. We offer professional dog training in Darford that allows you correct any negative behaviour and to help your dog to become a happier, well-adjusted animal.  With the A2 on your doorstep we also have easy access to visit Jeskyns dog training park to utilise there dog training paddocks and socialisation pens.


My dog training home behavioural sessions are focused on wanted and unwanted behaviour rather than good or bad behaviour. For instance, having a dog on the couch may be acceptable for one person, but not for another.

By tailoring sessions around each of your needs you can be sure to get the best out of your dog.  


Many of the puppy and dog owners I meet in Dartford have already attended our dog

training classes however now need to focus on specific needs such as recall, puppy

nipping or anxiety issues.  We strongly believe in positive reinforcement.


None of my dog training methods or behavioural corrections involves

choke chains, pinch and shock collars or physical reprimands. Not only

do these methods cause unnecessary suffering on the dog but also breaks the bond between dog and owner.  All dogs are different so establishing what they thrive to work for is going to be very important, the positive reward techniques we use could be, praise, food treats or your dogs favourite toy.


Over the years I have met some wonderful dog owners in the Dartford area who have been so kind to rescue a puppy or dog.  Many of these dogs simply need some basic dog training however some owners and dogs require a little more structured training and advice relating to more serious behavioural issues which could include dog to dog aggression, dog to people aggression and anxiety issues where your dog panic upon being left alone and causes damage or barks continuously.


I welcome the chance to help owners who have so kindly rehomed a rescue dog and regularly work with dogs from the RSPCA, Battersea Dogs Home, Last Chance, Dogs Trust and Foal Farm animal rescue shelters.  


The best way to contact us is intitially via our email

service as the majority of the day we are busy training

dogs all over Kent and the South East of London.


Please use our email form and incude in the message

box the type dog training assistance or dog behaviour

modification you require with your dog or puppy.




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