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Dog Training in Crayford

Your dog is an important member of your family. Dogs are intelligent, adaptable and loving animals, but may sometimes display behaviour that is less than desirable. We offer professional dog training in Crayford that allows you correct any negative behaviour and to help your dog to become a happier, well-adjusted animal.


A lot of owners who are having problems feel that they are no longer in control of their dog; this can be stressful and even dangerous.  The kent and South East London Dog Training Company can help you get back in control of your dog without having to resort to any harsh or aversive training methods and we regulary travel to Crayford to assist

both dog and puppy owners with basic training and whose dogs require behavioural modification.


If you are looking for advice on getting a dog, help with training or working on a behaviour

problem then our team of POLICE trained dog trainers and dog behaviourists can

help you.  All training methods used are positive and reward based, this means

your dog will love being trained and it will be fun for you too.


Dog and puppy owners in Crayford:


We are specialists in the following fields.

  • Nervous aggression/dominant aggression.

  • Nervous behaviour, fears and phobias.

  • Dog to dog/dog to people aggression.

  • Excessive Barking/digging problems.

  • Biting/nipping/jumping up problems.

  • Puppy visits and related issues.

  • Chewing/destructive behaviour.

  • Recall issues-failing to return.

  • Safe Practice with children.

  • Pack leadership issues.

  • Toilet training problems.

  • Seperation anxiety.

  • Pulling on the lead.


Whether it is from puppy training classes to dog aggression by being dog behaviourists and dog trainers in the Crayford area Nigel Marshall MBIPDTand his team can help you to understand your pet and achieve a happy, obedient and well balanced dog in and outside of your home.  We look forward to receiving your call.


The best way to contact us is intitially via our email

service as the majority of the day we are busy training

dogs all over Kent and the South East of London.


Please use our email form and incude in the message

box the type dog training assistance or dog behaviour

modification you require with your dog or puppy.



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