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Dog Training in Bromley

Your dog is an important member of your family. Dogs are intelligent, adaptable and loving animals, but may sometimes display behaviour that is less than desirable. We offer professional dog training in Bromley that allows you correct any negative behaviour and to help your dog to become a happier, well-adjusted animal.


Negative behaviours that we can address include:


• The need for basic commands and general dog training

• Territorial behaviour such as soiling and marking

• Separation anxiety and other fearful behaviour

• Over excitement, excessive barking and jumping

• Aggressive behaviour such as nipping and biting

• Destructive behaviour such as digging and chewing

• Failing recall

• Pulling on the leash


We offer home consultations so that we can assess what factors are contributing to errant behaviour and what you can do to remedy it. We have over 20 years of experience as dog trainers and behaviourists, with a background in police dog instruction. This gives us a unique advantage as we have an in-depth understanding of dog psychology and what training techniques work best.


Be assured that we will apply the same level of attention to your dog’s training plan as we do our country's K9 elite.


A Positive Training Plan


We only use positive training methods to help correct any unwanted behaviour. We can help you create healthy boundaries for your pet and instil discipline and good behaviour.


We believe that positive reinforcement is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your bond with your dog and help minimise stress and anxiety in and out of the house.


Upon contacting us, we will visit your home and assess your situation so that we can devise an effective training plan for your dog. Within 24 hours of our visit, you will receive a comprehensive training guide tailored to your dog's needs.


We encourage our Bromley clients to keep in touch with us for any concerns. We provide free written and telephone aftercare support that lasts for the duration of your dog's life.


The best way to contact us is intitially via our email

service as the majority of the day we are busy training

dogs all over Kent and the South East of London.


Please use our email form and incude in the message

box the type dog training assistance or dog behaviour

modification you require with your dog or puppy.




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